Saturday, June 02, 2012

Marvel's The Avengers Key Frames

Here are some key frames from Marvel's The Avengers. The top one is Ironman in his Mark 7 suit in the final battle. The middle one is the Loki versus Captain America fight (also, in this piece I had a chance to design Loki's staff and Joss liked it.. yay!) The last one is the Hulk vs the jet on the Helicarrier. Enjoy! On a side note, if you saw the film in the ArcLight Sherman Oaks and/or Beach Cities, the Loki vs Capt and Hulk vs jet were printed HUGE... I didn't know it until I saw it in person getting our show tickets :) Also, I guess Marvel IT facebook got access to the Ironman and Loki vs Capt images and posted them already... kinda cool! More to come!



Patrick Ballesteros said...

Awesome work man, great job on the designs they have a strong iconic read to them.


C.Deboda said...

Cool! Can I get a free Blu Ray copy when it comes out?? :P

Sean McCormack said...

Holy HECK these are amazing!!!
So epic!! Even more so than the actual filmed shots!

Adrian Lubbers said...

Thanks for sharing. These are AMAZING!!

RogerH said...

Awesome work! I saw your work posted on facebook and came here. Fantastic. Thanks for sharing.